So you are planning to use a permanent hair removal system but are confused about how to choose an electrologist for your session. Choosing the right professional is important as it will provide you with better results in a shorter period of time. You are also likely to experience less pain during the treatment with a highly experienced electrologist.

Although hair removal by electrolysis works for most people, some studies have shown that almost 7-10% of people did not get the desired result. This may be due to many reasons including the inflated claims made by some less reputable practitioners. Many electrologists run their own small businesses and they have the responsibility to not only perform the treatments but also to sell the treatment packages to pay for the equipment. Therefore the advice and claims of some less credible electrologists may be influenced by their need to make the next rental payment.

One of the best ways of finding a good electrologist it to ask friends and family - it is always better to get a recommendation from someone that you can trust. Advertisements and the Yellow Pages are useful means of finding professionals too. Look under 'electrolysis' or 'hair removal' sections to find local specialists.

Find time to have a conversation with the electrologist on the phone first to get a feel for their business. If you get a good feeling then arrange to meet in person. You can collect general information on telephone such as:

How they carry out the electrolysis - do they use a needle, electric tweezers or a photoepilator?

What types of electrolysis do they perform - galvanic, thermolysis or blend?

How many times have they performed these procedures?

Do they have any clients that can provide a reference?

Are they licensed and have the appropriate qualifications in electrolysis?

The likely costs and time involved in treatment.

These questions should be easy to answer for a professional electrologist and provide you with a guide to their professionalism. Contact 3 electrolysis providers to make a more informed decision.

As mentioned above, always choose a trained electrologist who has the appropriate certificates from accredited electrology schools. Any skilled practitioner will always recommend a test patch first. This is your chance to get a feel for the treatment and see if there are any side effects. Most professionals offer a free patch test to make sure that the treatment will be successful.

During a consultation visit, take a proper look of the clinic and check that you are satisfied that it is clean and tidy, and consider speaking to some other of their patients to learn from them. Only you can tell if you are happy with what you see and hear.

Watch out for small things like whether the electrologist washes their hands before and after each treatment. They should use disposable gloves during the treatment, their equipment should be sterilised and they should use disposable probes. If you are not satisfied then leave the clinic - there will be plenty more to choose from.

It is very important to create comfortable bond with the electrologist. If either of you are not comfortable then you should not continue. If your treatment is managed by a team of professionals, then meet all the members and speak to them about the procedure.

Remember that removing hair by this method can be painful, but if it is performed by an expert in electrolysis then you are not likely to feel as much pain. Ask what they recommend you use to pacify any pain or sensitivity you may experience.

You should also enquire about post treatment procedures. Find out what you should or should not do after the session. Ask about any side effects that hair removal electrolysis can cause and the treatment of these.

As mentioned above, some electrologists make big promises during consultations to win your business. So make sure that if they do make bold claims, you get them to put this in writing so you have something to fall back one if they fail to meet these claims. There's always a chance that you can get your money back if they have mislead you.

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