A rough surfaced mitt is used to buff away hair, down to the skin's surface. Patients typically use this method for removing fine hairs from their legs.


Inexpensive: friction is a very affordable way of ridding yourself of unwanted hairs.Fast and easy: an ideal 'do-it-yourself' method.Usually one of the painless hair removal methods.Exfoliates the skin.Can be performed at home: making it one of the most convenient methods for people.Widely available: mitts and stones are available from many outlets.Good for fine hair on the legs.


Short-term effects (a few hours to several days).Hairs can sometimes still be visible under the skin for some dark-haired users.One of the methods that typically requires frequent use.Friction can cause skin irritation.Should not be used on the face, arms, or bikini area.Should not be used on sensitive or damaged skin.


This method requires the user to gently rub a small area of the skin in an alternating circular manner until the hair is eroded. Only very light pressure is required for this process to work. Friction has advantages over other hair removal methods as it also exfoliates and smoothes the skin (exfoliation is the removal of the oldest dead skin cells that cling to the skin's surface, and is designed to aid rejuvenation of the skin and prevent undesirable conditions such as acne, scarring or ingrown hairs. Most users do not suffer skin irritation if they follow the procedure correctly.

There are different types of friction mitts that are available for the more sensitive areas such as the face. Friction should only be performed on these sensitive areas with the right type of product in order to limit the chance of skin irritation.


Typically this method is used to remove fine hairs on the legs, however some users also use this method between shaving or waxing sessions. The effects only last a short time, between a few hours and a few days. This means that sessions must be repeated frequently.

It is advisable to have a warm shower and exfoliate the area to be treated to minimise the amount of dead skin. Warm water also helps to soften the hair. After treatment it is advisable to apply a cool, soothing lotion to reduce or lessen any skin irritation.

Hair re-growth with friction is not as harsh as with shaving, as the hairs have been worn away rather than being cut leaving sharp edges.

Brands of friction mitt

The following is a list of brands of mitts that are available on the market:

Hair off: This company sells products to remove hair from the face, body and eyebrow area.

Surgi-Soft: This mitt is especially designed for the legs.

Smooth away: This mitt can be used on most parts of your body.

Hawley Silkymitt: This company sells mitts to treat hair on the face, legs and feet.

All these products are cheap enough for you to be able to try them all and work out which suits you best.

Source TheHairFacts

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