Both French and Brazilian bikini waxing methods can be chosen to remove hairs that grow on the bikini line or for genital/pubic hair removal. However, there are some important differences between them that we explore below.


The year 1987 was the first time that New York City encountered the Brazilian waxing technique. It was introduced by 7 sisters from Brazil. Later, this method became popular throughout the United States of America and elsewhere in the western world.

With a full Brazilian bikini wax treatment, every single unwanted hair is removed, from in front and at the back of the pubic area, and in between the buttocks. At times, some clients may ask the aesthetician to remove every pubic hair from the bikini region too although it is more common that the aesthetician will leave a remaining 'landing strip' there.

With this method, the aesthetician will snip the hairs first by means of a pair of scissors to enable the wax to more easily reach the hair follicles. Then an application stick, usually made of wood, is used to apply the wax gradually to the area of treatment. Tweezing may be carried out to tidy up if there are stray pubic hairs that remain after waxing.

It is prudent to keep in mind that the aesthetician should have strong professional experience since this is quite a difficult technique to perform. Patients should relax, try to hold their skin taut, and breathe normally.


A different end result is the aim of a French bikini wax. While the Brazilian removes all hair or leaves only a landing strip, French waxing usually leaves a small vertical strip of pubic hair that measures about 3 fingers in width. Sometimes there may even be left an inverted triangular patch of bikini hair.

Yet the French wax does not remove the hair that grows in the buttock area, which is contrary to a Brazilian in which buttock hairs are also removed. However, the hair that grows on the area of the inner labia will usually be removed in a French waxing treatment.

Like the Brazilian, the French bikini wax usually requires the patients to remove their underwear. So, if the patient is not willing to do this, neither method is an option. Moreover, in a Brazilian wax, the aesthetician may ask the patients to adopt positions that expose their most private areas, such as to spread their legs wide open and so forth.

Therefore most often, patients that are going to wax for the first time may choose to undergo the French treatment initially, rather than a full Brazilian session, to experience the whole waxing process and then to review where they stand on the possibility and type of future pubic hair removal treatments.

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